Digital Marketing

Reach Your Customers Where They Spend Time Online

How wonderful it would be if you could connect with your customers online! Here’s more- engage and convert them to boost your business. Yes, that is digital marketing and we specialize in customized solutions for digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website works 24/7. Take advantage of that with top SEO results on Google!

Search engines like Google are where 93% of all online searches start! Our top-notch SEO services ensure that your website lands in the top of those search results. This is crucial because the top three search results get more than 50% of the clicks! Users today are turning to Google more and more to find the information they are looking for. We make sure the information your website holds is able to be seen by those users. It is all about connecting users to your websites. SEO tools and techniques can make this happen. We deliver SEO solutions to propel your website on top of the search results!

  • Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team is second to none. Think we are exaggerating? Give us a try!
  • Let us put your website in front of those users actively searching for what you are offering.
  • Take your website to the next level with the power of SEO and Google search results.

Not just for online sales/service

72% consumers who did a local search visited a store in five miles!!!

We understand users and how search engines work. So we use a design approach that derives its edge from user behavior. We integrate SEO elements in our design approach to attract a large number of users and arrest amazing amount of traffic!

Design that delivers SEO Results

78% local mobile-searches result in offline purchases!!!

So we concentrate on design features that enhances user experience whether on desktop, tablet or mobile. Our design approach is not merely about making it elegant and attractive but also about delivering tangible, measurable conversion!

PPC Marketing

Need leads and need them fast? PPC Marketing is the fastest way to get new customsers!

For instant visibility, PPC marketing is obviously the quickest possible solution. SEO yields great returns. But if you want instant results, PPC marketing through Google AdWords is the way to go!

PPC marketing can be tricky because it comprises a combination of factors such as relevant keywords, quality of landing pages and quality score. We, at YellowFin Digital, deliver sure-fire solutions for PPC marketing. We can create succinct and effective ads to get your PPC campaign rolling!

  • Get leads, sales and customers FAST!
  • Position your brand in front of users actively searching for your product or service.
  • PPC Marketing can take your sales to the next level, NOW!

The right keywords and ad design

Since the frequency of your ad is seen in search results will effect your quality score, we carefully design the ads to suit the AdWords metric. We keep in mind the keywords that users search in Google and design the ads accordingly. We apply the user-centric design to glean the right kind of keywords and put together precise ad text.

Instant Results

Our PPC campaigns are designed to perfection so the results are also equally amazing! PPC ads that we design ensure instant visibility and quick results in terms of traffic. We deliver simple, effective PPC campaigns to suit the client’s needs. We can enable your PPC campaigns and manage them too!

Social Media Marketing

One of the most important ways to get in front of your customers daily.

92% of marketers claim that social media is vital for their business! Social media marketing holds the key to renewed traffic, brand identity and growth of your business. YellowFin Digital has an excellent track record when it comes to social media marketing campaigns.

Social media contains all kind of users and we can run targeted social media marketing campaigns aimed directly at your ideal customer. If your prospective customers are young users, consider this: 59% Instagram users use Instagram daily, 35% users access it SEVERAL times a day! 46% online adults with a graduate degree are on LinkedIn! We know this and plan social media marketing campaign accordingly. This is why we deliver results EVERY TIME!

  • Social Media Marketing targets users based on age, location, interests and much more.
  • Use Social Media to grow your brand awareness.
  • Find new customers not actively searching for your product or service.

We know where to find your customer

90% young adults use social media! 71% Pinterest users are women. So we customize to the core and use an entirely user-centric design approach for specific social media campaigns. We design focused campaigns to target user base of different social media platforms.

Ad designs that delivers

As we focus on the user type, age etc. and design it accordingly, our design is rich and effective suited to the social media platforms. We integrate breathtakingly beautiful images into Instagram campaigns and weave captivating videos into Facebook posts so that users instantly click on it and access the content. We deliver design that suits the users and the design eventually delivers for the clients!!!

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