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Profit Coaching business services focus on helping you use your unique business data to gain insight, knowledge and new opportunities for improved business performance and increased profits. In partnership with She Leads Consulting, we offer a suite of Profit Coaching options designed to meet your unique business needs including: (a) Profit Coaching Projections offer at-a-glance, high-level analyses of your business data, delivered in easy-to-understand formats that arm you with KEY basic information about your business. (b) One-On-One professional business coaches can help you analyze and understand your business data and develop data-driven strategies to increase your profits. (c) Profit Coaching Groups provide you with an opportunity to join a moderated group of business owners and managers from your industry who are similarly situated in size and business maturity. The groups meet virtually and in person to discuss business metrics, the implications of specific data points, levers that move performance and optional actions to improve the health of the businesses. We provide a professional moderator to facilitate and guide the groups. (d) Profit Sharing Onsite Visits offer in-house collaboration with a small business expert to help you collect, organize, analyze and utilize your business information. Geared to small and mid-sized businesses, our experts can provide expertise on use of commercial book-keeping software, customize a data collection solution for your business, or build your in-house knowledge of how to use data to improve or validate your business decisions.

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