CC autoplex

Corpus Christi AutoPlex was an existing business with a logo and website already in place when they contacted us. We helped CC AutoPlex rebrand and rebuild their website to make it more user friendly and mobile responsive. This was imperative since 78% of their current website visitors were visiting from mobile devices. The new, mobile responsive website made it much easier for users to find the vehicle they were looking for. CC AutoPlex also takes advantage of our monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and PPC Marketing plans to make sure they are in front of customers wherever they are searching for their next vehicle.


Website Layout Design
Logo Design
WordPress CMS
Mobile and Responsive
Search Engine Optimization
PPC Marketing
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When I first came to Corpus Christi AutoPlex, digital marketing was the last thing we thought about. We have a great location and we hoped people would come in. When the market started to change, we realized we needed to take a more proactive approach to driving people to our store. We partnered with YellowFin Digital to do a website and logo makeover. Our new website is amazing! Most of our customers visit our site from a mobile devise and our WordPress CMS website allows them to easily view our inventory and apply online thanks to it being mobile responsive. We can now approve a customer before they ever visit the store. I don’t know how we ever did business before!

James C
Sales Manager