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Our History

Our digital marketing journey originally started in 2014 in Knoxville, TN when we collaborated with a longtime friend, and sales guru, to form Loran Digital. Loran Digital was born out of frustration with digital advertising agencies that weren’t “Customer First”. After working with, and for, agencies who were more worried about checking the next item off a to-do list, rather than communicating with their customers and having a sense of urgency to make sure the client was taken care of, we finally decided to do something about it…and Loran Digital was born.

After some life changes, and a need to move to Corpus Christi, TX, Loran Digital was left in the capable hands of our dear friend (and it’s doing better than we ever thought possible) and we were off to conquer new adventures in South Texas. After playing around with digital marketing on the side for a couple of years, we saw an even bigger opportunity in the Corpus Christi market for a digital marketing agency. One that excels at creative website design, superior digital and social media marketing and brilliant mobile application development. That’s where YellowFin Digital comes in.

Why Choose Us

YellowFin was created to give every business the opportunity to level the playing field and dominate their competition by taking advantage of the digital marketing tools available on the internet today. We encourage our customers to put their advertising dollars into digital marketing where we can track results and make decisions based on the data we have instead of a gut feeling about whether your traditional media advertising is working like it needs to.

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